YUM 10 | Bank Note | Ten Dinar | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Yugoslavia | SouthEast Europe

YUM 10 | Bank Note | Ten Dinar | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Yugoslavia | SouthEast Europe

10 Yugoslavia Dinar

The dinar (Cyrillic script: динар) was the currency of the three Yugoslav states: the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (formerly the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes), the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between 1918 and 2006.

The dinar was subdivided into 100 para (Cyrillic script: пара). In the early 1990s, economic mismanagement made the government bankrupt and forced it to make money from the savings of the country’s citizens.
This caused severe and prolonged hyperinflation, which has been described as the worst in history. Large amounts of money were printed, with coins becoming redundant and inflation rates reaching over one billion per cent per year. This hyperinflation caused five revaluations between 1990 and 1994; in total there were eight distinct dinari.

1920–41 – Serbian dinar; 1945–65 – Federation dinar; 1966–89 – Hard dinar YUD, 1990–92 – Convertible dinar, YUN.

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