TWD 1000 | Bank Note | One Thousand Taiwan Dollar | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Taiwan | Asia

TWD 1000 | Bank Note | One Thousand Taiwan Dollar | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Taiwan | Asia

1000 New Taiwan Dollar

The New Taiwan dollar (code: TWD; symbol: NT$, also abbreviated as NT) is the official currency of Taiwan. The New Taiwan dollar has been the currency of Taiwan since 1949, when it replaced the Old Taiwan dollar, at a rate of 40,000 old dollars per one new dollar.

The basic unit of the New Taiwan dollar is called a yuan (圓) and is subdivided into ten jiao (角), and into 100 fen (分) or cents, although in practice fen are never actually used.

There are a variety of alternative names to the units in Taiwan. The unit of dollar is typically informally written with the simpler equivalent character as 元, except when writing it for legal transactions such as at the bank, when it has to be written as Colloquially, the currency unit is called 塊 (kuài, literally “piece”) in Mandarin, 箍 (kho͘, literally “hoop”) in Taiwanese Hokkien, and 銀 (ngiùn, literally “silver”) in Hakka.

The central bank of Taiwan has issued the New Taiwan Dollar since 2000. Prior to 2000, the Bank of Taiwan issued banknotes as the de facto central bank between 1949 and 1961, and after 1961 continued to issue banknotes as a delegate of the central bank. The central bank began issuing New Taiwan dollar banknotes in July 2000, and the notes issued by the Bank of Taiwan were taken out of circulation.

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