MDL 1 | Bank Note | One Moldovan Leu | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Moldova | Europe

MDL 1 | Bank Note | One Moldovan Leu | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | Moldova | Europe

1 Moldova Leu

The leu (sign: L; ISO 4217 code: MDL) is the currency of Moldova. Like the Romanian leu, the Moldovan leu (pl. lei) is subdivided into 100 bani (sg. ban). The name of the currency originates from a Romanian word that means “lion”. Between 1918 and 1940 and again between 1941 and 1944, when Moldova was part of Romania, the Romanian leu was used in what was then the eastern part of the broader Romanian region of Moldavia (Moldova in Romanian).

The Moldovan Leu was established on 29 November 1993, following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of the independent Republic of Moldova. It replaced the temporary cupon currency at a rate of 1 leu = 1000 cupon.

First series (1993–present) – In November 1993, the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) issued its first coins of 1, 5, 25 and 50 bani and 1 and 5 lei. The 1 and 5 lei coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1994.

Second series (2018–present) – In 2017, the NBM announced plans to reintroduce 1 and 5 lei coins alongside new 2 and 10 lei coins citing “superior durability and cheaper manufacturing and maintenance cost over time compared to banknotes” as the main reason and asking people to submit their designs for the new coins.

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