Kae Kae cooking Ghee Parotta | Kokula Krishna Hari K | Cooking | London, United Kingdom | Food

Kae Kae cooking Ghee Parotta | Kokula Krishna Hari K | Cooking | London, United Kingdom | Food

Parotta has its origins in Jaffna in Sri Lanka, where Tamil workers brought it to Tamilnadu as a flatbread and made its way to Malabar, Kerala. It was transformed into flatbread to flaky layered bread here.

Parotta or Porotta is a Subcontinental layered flatbread made from Maida or Atta, alternatively known as flaky ribbon pancake. It is very common in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and widely available in other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and countries like Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

Porottas (Parathas) are often available as street food and in restaurants across Kozhikode, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. At some places, it is also served at weddings, religious festivals and feasts. It is prepared by kneading maida/wheat flour, egg (in some recipes), oil or ghee and water. The dough is beaten into thin layers and later forms a round spiralled into a ball using these thin layers. The ball is rolled flat and pan-fried.

Porottas/ Parathas are commonly eaten with vegetable kurma/korma, chicken, fish, mutton or beef curry. They are also served stuffed with vegetables such as potatoes or radish which are then eaten with yoghurt or raita. Chilli parotta and kothu parotta are prepared using parottas.

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