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CNY 100 | Bank Note | One Hundred Yuan | Kae Kae | CurrencyStackerKK | China | Asia

100 China Yuan

The yuan (/juːˈɑːn, -æn/; sign: ¥; Chinese: 圓/元; pinyin: yuán; [ɥæ̌n] (audio speaker iconlisten)) is the base unit of a number of former and present-day currencies in Chinese.

A yuan (Chinese: 圓/元; pinyin: yuán) is also known colloquially as a kuai (Chinese: 块; pinyin: kuài; lit. ‘lump’; originally a lump of silver). One yuan is divided into 10 jiao (Chinese: 角; pinyin: jiǎo; lit. ‘corner’) or colloquially mao (Chinese: 毛; pinyin: máo “feather”). One jiao is divided into 10 fen (Chinese: 分; pinyin: fēn; lit. ‘small portion’).

In Standard (Mandarin) Chinese, yuán literally means a “round object” or “round coin”. During the Qing Dynasty, the yuan was a round coin made of silver.

In informal contexts, the word is written with the simplified Chinese character 元, that literally means “beginning”. In formal contexts it is written with the simplified character 圆 or with the traditional version 圓, both meaning “round”, after the shape of the coins.

These are all pronounced yuán in modern Standard Chinese, but were originally pronounced differently, and remain distinct in Wu Chinese: 元 = nyoe, 圓 = yoe.

In the People’s Republic of China, ‘¥’ or ‘RMB’ is often prefixed to the amount to indicate that the currency is the renminbi (e.g. ¥100元 or RMB 100元).

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