ASDF Chapter Inception @ NSN College of Engineering & Technology, India 2016

Speech in Detail

Good Morning to the dignitaries on the Dias and off the Dias!

It gives me an immense pleasure in addressing this remarkable gathering of the various credible people today. I am privileged and honoured to inaugurate the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties Student and Faculty chapter which is abbreviated as ASDF Student and Faculty Chapter at N.S.N College of Engineering and Technology on this auspicious moment.

With an outset focussing on Research and Development, ASDF has been spread in various continents, countries, states and county. However ASDF is not fully contended to rest on the laurels. The constant improvisation techniques in the field of Research and Development is the need of the hour. A recent study says that there is a deficient of 87.5% researchers in the current trends and 92% of the so claimed researchers by legacy of M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D. are not so. Where the research abilities are being captivated which was naturally possessed by an individual before entering school and college.

The interlaying zones have widely modified the student’s creativity and has abandoned the growth of Indian Students at large. Yes, I mean it. The easy availability of resources without the thirst of the knowledge has made it to happen. Basically, everyone is a researcher but the society and the surrounding culture makes them to stop moving forward. A better example, the society and people around us say letting your hands into the candle fire will injure us. And this is a generic warning which they give, but they fail to understand the substance which I have over my finger and I still understand the tolerance level. Let them face the injury once, twice and the third time they will be confident enough of teaching others what it could happen.

We are widely aware of the current situation in Tamil Nadu, why specifically, the educational systems in the entire India. Loads and loads of academic institutions but very less out-grid. Why this happens? What is the resultant force causing this paralytic situation?

It’s all about employability skills which is incultivated among the students and not the real knowledge. Just a quick teaser, how many of the students can recollect what happened in the previous semester in the terms of Programming or Circuit or something related to their academics? I am sure, it should be sparingly less than 30% who will be able to recollect them. Only when the students are able to spot the purpose of their study, they will be successful in their career.

I could feel the presence of few parents here and I am delighted by their presence exhibiting their strongest affinity towards their wards activities in the institute. I really take this moment to appreciate it. Parents are the first teachers of every student. They mould them before handing over their son or daughter to the college for getting the finalized product. Getting them placed in a company is not the fixed output, there are various other options like becoming Entrepreneur, becoming a Researcher, becoming an academician, becoming a Politician, becoming a Civil Servant, or becoming as a Banker or the one who could pursue his higher education in the field of interest. Just speak with them, understand their life principles, shaping in accordance to that will be more fruitful.

Coming to the core objectives of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties which is recently formed in NSN College of Engineering & Technology.

It is all about the research participation. At this valuable junction I urge the Management and the Principal of this institute to initiate an annual conference where each and every one will be as a part of the large event. I would also be committing in brining in an extra-laurel International Expert from Technological side to our institute if the conference is organised during the right series.

Your efficient management will be also be invited by the ASDF House for various International Convention to visit other countries to get involved for Research programs at large. This can create all the students a better space for undergoing Research and their further studies sponsored by the institute overseas. The upcoming visit to South Korea in the month of August will be meeting with more than 15 University Chancellor/Vice-Chancellors and more than 85 Industries are participating from Korea. From various parts of the World, we are having more than 200 representatives joining and meeting them for various collaborations. Those types of strong opportunities will be provided to the institute to mould more and more better.

ASDF is also giving out Research and Travel grants which needs to be checked.

I wish all the members of the Institute are attached to the respective chapters of ASDF to benefit more and more in all the aspects of Globalization. Expecting NSN Student Chapter or NSN Faculty chapter to brag the best ASDF Chapter competing with more than 3,788 chapters across the world in the next ASDF Global Awards 2017.

By this I am concluding my 850 words speech wishing that this relationship stands stronger and stronger influencing the coming years. Thanks, Jai Hind.

Personal Secretary (Recording In-Charge) : Shanmugapriyan Thiagarajan