Graduation Ceremony Address March 2015

Speech in Detail

Selamat Datang! Good Morning Folks!

I am happy to stand infront of you this morning to confer few tickets or booklets weighing around 300 to 450 grams. And now I could see the change in your face after coining your valuable degree as a booklet of few grams. Yes, it is less than a kilogram always. My total degree certificates and transcripts weigh only 960 grams. But, just have a moment to see one of your best pal either it’s a guy or gal among this group or in absentia. What is his/her weight? Wouldn’t it be a greater than all these?

Having 5000+ LinkedIn contacts doesn’t matters. Just see this group of around 500 students and their parents seated around. Yes, this is your contacts and not anything else. Just imagine there are numerous followers for you in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media; how would you feel if one among your classmate or collegemate or universitymate sends you a request. The moment you rejoice internally when you see that request cannot be visualized by you today. Tomorrow one among this 500 would be into Sistem Kerajaan, as Cabinet Minister, Executive, Chief Legislative, Chief Judiciary or atleast into some Administrative position. That’s where your contact strength is.

Today evening while I am leaving, if am offered with an option to carry a million dollar or photos with you; for sure I will prefer the photographs with you. Tomorrow, you will get spread across the world. You may be a winning the position of United Nations Secretary General or someother UN Organizations operational position; at that time surely I will look at the Television and comment that he was the one among the students to whom I have conferred Under Graduate / Graduate / Doctoral degree.

I wanted to share a small instance happened to me at my Under Graduate level which I discontinued later understanding the difficulty not in the subject, instead on the subject handlers. I am proud to stand and say I have gained almost 1000+ classmates during the span of 4 years of Under Graduate education. Be a better trainer and not a faculty. Though I had many during my older days, I have only few restricted people in different circles. Unconditionally I wish to spend with the besties and this I have missed literally during my college days. Do never feel this ever in your life. It is the most poisonous stuff ever known to me than the Python poison.

If you had tried cycling outdoor, you would have experienced a down-fall creating a scratch or wound. This was your school days! It would have started itching around your wounded spot when a dry skin is being formed. That could be a better mixed feeling of both inconvenience and learning. This was your College days! Now you would have saw the dry skin tissues about to fall and ready to welcome the new skin at the scratch area. This is this Graduation Ceremony! After few days, you could see a fresh new skin at the same area. And finally this is your future.

I am sure that I didn’t make you to feel nostalgic with my address. At the junction of concluding this address, I wanted to remind you that people will forget what you spoke with them, people will forget what you did to them, people will forget what you gave them, people will forget what you have done to them, but will surely remember how you made them to feel with your action. Be gold in your actions and expect diamonds in return.

Chase your dreams! All the Best!


Personal Secretary (Recording In-Charge) : Manikandan Sattish