Inagural Speech at ICIDRET 2014

Speech in Detail

Very Good Morning for the Guests on the Dias and off the Dias!

It gives me immense pleasure in delivering the address at this remarkable First International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIDRET 2014) which is being hosted by the Professional Group of Institutions, Coimbatore, Palladam, India. Coimbatore is known for the mechanical swings and cotton, yes we could see both at 11.007811 N and 77.214832 E, i.e. the Latitude and Longitude of Professional Group of Institutions.

To remember the Day 1 when I visited the institute for inking a Memorandum of Understanding for fostering the Research and Development could count back 300 days of strong relationship between ASDF and PGI. I am quite confident that these 300 days of the relationship has given a good fruit for the work and that is nothing else than the ICIDRET 2014. And to say with 300 days is nothing else exactly 10 months which will be the development of foetus to a new born baby. So, why am I speaking about foetus and other stuffs when my background is strong in Computer Science Network Security? Seems funny, but I wanted to remind all the audience that we are in an Inter Disciplinary conference which speaks high about the cross domain specification.

To fairly comment about it, I didn’t allow the foetus to develop properly. We did some joint cross research and initiated the process of development only 4 months ago and I am happy that this has resulted in a proper formation on seeing you all at this Juncture.

With almost 400+ papers through various channels, we are about to scrutinize and get the best out of the best counting for the 50 papers. The acceptance rate was 12.5% on the aggregate. There were huge numbers of paper requests to be included even post the deadline and even today morning through emails and in-person. We are happy that the Organizing Secretary Dr. J. Subash Chandra Bose was confident about the timelines and absorbent to the new papers under the guidance and support of the Convener Dr. P. Chandramohan and the Co-Convener Dr. P. Chandrasekar.

We received the paper widely from Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Trinidad (West Indies), South Korea and Taiwan with major support from India. For this, I need to thank my Student and the Publicity Chair of ICIDRET 2014 from Hong Kong.

I could recollect the discussions which happened 300 days ago and taking the masterpiece advice of our beloved Chairman Dr. C. Subramaniam which quoted, “MoU’s inked shouldn’t be idle”. Yes I am proud enough to declare at this Juncture that the association has been valued and highly active enough to host this conference ICIDRET 2014 and will continue in future.

Finally, I could smell the most expected words of my mouth “Mission Accomplished”

Thanks for an opportunity at this tight agenda and I wish you all a high commemorating success in your future.

Thanks Again!


Personal Secretary (Recording In-Charge) : Shanmugapriyan Thiagarajan