Inagural Speech at ICIEMS 2014

Speech in Detail

Good Afternoon to all the Dignitaries on the Dias and Off the Dias!

I am aware that the time if meant for Lunch, so I will stick on to the sharp timings by 3 minutes. It is a great honour and a great pleasure in welcoming you all to the greatest platform of sharing the knowledge among the peer researchers at ICIEMS 2014 which is happening today at Christu Jyothi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Janagon, Andra Pradesh.

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the Director & Principal of CJITS for making this event happening at their venue. This is highly an interdisciplinary conference which has its own importance among the members of Research and Development. I am confident that the exchanges between participants during this conference will raise awareness about the current scenario in Research and Development.

At the higher view, the movement for combatting plagiarism is highly supported by ASDF. The rate of plagiarism is high among the Indian Researchers which highly counts for 84% of the total publication submission in the year of 2013. The higher platforms are also created for the people to excel in their activities.

I wish all the members get benefited out of this Conference.

And, finally I Hereby Declare that the ICIEMS 2014 Conference shall mark the beginning of the next era.

Personal Secretary (Recording In-Charge) : Shanmugapriyan Thiagarajan