ASDF catalysts MoU between CNU & Vidyaa Vikas Group


ASDF Secretary General witnessed the MoU exchange between CNU, South Korea and Vidyaa Vikas Educational Institutions, India

In Detail

Chonnam National University (President Jeong Byeong-suk) is seeking to diversify foreign students and has strengthened international exchange with India. Chonnam National University has entered into an agreement (MOU) for the last 24 days in the University of Central India Institute Vida’m a non-Castillo (Vidaya Vikas Educational Institute), a non-chopping trees Cass Institute (Vetri Vikas Educational Institute) and exchanges and cooperation. Wednesday agreement signing ceremony, the high from heomin, transplant Vice President and the Indian side at Chonnam National University Kokula Krishna Hari K, ASDF Secretary-General, and Laguna Sega is (Gunasegaran Sengodan) Vidyaa Vikas Education Foundation Founder and Chairman. The two sides agreed on mutual cooperation plans such as the entrance of Chonnam University, exchange of teachers, joint degree, and joint research in the agreement. India should Vida is a non-Kashi Institute Educational Foundation, which operates a total of 17 educational institutions, including two universities now been made a variety of consultation prior to signing the agreement, including the Foundation within the University of Education, College of Engineering Department of exchanges.

Chonnam National University heomin Vice President at ceremony: “This agreement is hope an important milestone, Chonnam National University towards a global universities,” he said, “Students in India are exercised potential at Chonnam National University will provide high-quality educational programs to grow into the future talent.” said.

On the other hand, Chonnam National University is conducting various projects for global competitiveness over 2014 universities in four regions in the area leading University Program of the Ministry of attracting diversified (Chonnam National University, Mokpo, suncheondae, for second) was selected as a consortium of undergraduate international students, etc. is. As a result, Chonnam National University Faculty of foreign students was to diversify the country of origin of international students, including 325 people in 2014 was lowered to 435 people in 2016 increased 33.8% to 53.9% Chinese student ratio also was told to 91.1%.


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