5G Summit 2015 Speakers Announced


The 5G Summit 2015 which is scheduled to happen this July 2015 has announced the Speakers and Venue of the Summit. With speakers from all around the globe, the event is all set to happen at The University of Westminster, London, UK. The Awards nomination also has begun this January 2015 to identify the key players of the market.

In Detail

23rd May, 2015: The Organizing Committee headed by Daniel James today declared the schedule of 5G Summit 2015 and Speakers in public. With the recent developments made on the technology focus, the 5G Summit 2015 is coming with new trends and various mappers including Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Big Data stuffs embedded into. The committee on selection under various grounds has fixed the hi-value speakers like Assem Moussa, Kokula Krishna Hari K, Eric Dahlman and Audi Kalayanamitr.

Speaking on the occasion Daniel James said that, thus far the telecom equipment industry had not kept pace with the growing demand from telecom operators, which led to a dependence telecom equipment industry. He mentioned that the 5G Summit 2015 will be a perfect venue to learn what’s new in the telecom industry, and will focus on two key questions including How can operators deploy their 5G network infrastructure with Customer Experience Management solutions to enhance network performance add and unique value with business models that properly monetize OTT services, applications and content? And How can operators, technologists, device vendors, OTT service providers, regulators and other stakeholders agree on a strategy to keep pace with the endless appetite for mobile broadband, 10000X traffic growth and provide universal coverage of true 5G @ 1 Gbps, all IP and fully mobile?

Daniel has also mentioned that, in our 5 years we have seen visionary presentations from the world’s major telecoms operators, international governments and market disruptors who speak to our 1,000+ visitors and 1,000 conference delegates across our 75 conference streams.

With the UK becoming the global center of convergence in 2015, the 5G Summit is anticipating one of the most exciting events yet due to our ongoing position as World’s leading converged telecoms event. At the closing remarks Anbuoli Parthasarathy extended his warm invitation for the telecom operators, governmental and intergovernmental agencies to participate.


Media Contact : Daniel James, Social Secretary at OTIS, Techno Forum Group. Reach me at [email protected]