5G Summit 2015 at London by ASDF


The 5G Summit 2015 by Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties is about to happen between 6th January, 2015 and 8th January, 2015 at London, United Kingdom. With inline for the Awards Ceremony, Networking Dinner, Exhibition and many other captivating features the website of 5G Summit has been launched.

In Detail

5G Summit is the first and only conference and expo covering the entire ecosystem of next-generation 5G technologies that enable the mobile Internet revolution, including mobile network infrastructure, advanced devices, applications and content. Owned and operated by Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties, this show provides insight into the state of the industry today and explores forward-looking advancements that will affect operators within the mobile ecosystem in the years ahead. As a ubiquitous network takes hold in the mature markets of North America, Australia, Europe and Asia-Pacific, operators are experiencing massive growth in broadband data usage and planning their network migration strategies and business models for monetizing mobile Internet enabled services. 5G Summit offers attendees an opportunity to research state-of-the-practice business models and advanced mobile technologies, and learn from other operators about what works and what doesn’t, as they migrate to advanced 5G networks from the existing networks. This 5G Summit which is scheduled to happen at January 6 – 8, 2015 discusses various issues relating to the installation, commissioning, migration, marketing and monetization of the same.

With a full thrust of operation, the 5G Summit 2015 was launched to cater and exponentially prove the amidst power of the best possible network speed. The definition is 5G should change from “Future Technology” to “Present Technology” was the ultimate goal of this Summit. Every year, there are remarkable achievements in the field of telecommunication and wireless networking systems from 1981 when the 1G network were released. With few years on operation the confidence in people grows to get the new nodal network. The massively distributed MIMO radio will help for the development or the advancement of technologies like this.

During the Launch, Dr. S. Prithiv Rajan said, “These types of next generation techniques and logics should be easily accessible by the public which will surely increase the want of the technology development. Along which this 5G Summit has lot of potential knowledge development wing which can increase the ability and rapidly move the growth into a higher phase. Adding to this, we have planned to invite top most experts from major telecom operators China Telecom, AT&T, Verizon Communications, Vodafone and others”. His long terms vision was spotted to be at its best during the release.

Alongside, Kokula Krishna Hari K, International Secretary also added “People are fond of listening to the terms related to ‘G’ these days as they directly visualize the change in the generations and experience the generation gaps which can be easily filled out by these types of events.”

The 5G Summit 2015 has many features like the membership at GetClubbed, Exhibition, Awards for SME, Innovation, Brand Campaign, CEO and lots more which takes the event to a greater international standard. The event has also highlighted that the importance for Big Data and Cloud Computing will not be removed clearly.

The Registration of delegates and the nomination for the awards ceremony has already begun.


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