Tour Schedule

Month From To Location
January 2018 02.January.2018 02.January.2018 Chennai, India
January 2018 03.January.2018 03.January.2018 Salem, India
January 2018 08.January.2018 16.January.2018 Sydney, Australia
February 2018 02.February.2018 24.February.2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 2018 04.February.2018 06.February.2018 Bangkok, Thailand
February 2018 07.February.2018 10.February.2018 Chennai, India
February 2018 14.February.2018 06.March.2018 United States of America
March 2018 06.March.2018 12.March.2018 Hong Kong, HKSAR
March 2018 17.March.2018 23.March.2018 New Delhi, India
March 2018 27.March.2018 28.March.2018 Coimbatore, India
May 2018 07.May.2018 10.May.2018 Male, Maldives
May 2018 15.May.2018 26.May.2018 London, New Delhi
June 2018 30.June.2018 30.June.2018 Chennai, India

All the Schedules are tentative. Crossfader information can be obtained from The OTIS time to time by writing to the contact mentioned in the Contact page.