“ICT is next to Food in the current world, which cannot be skipped!”
“Digital Devices to Kids should be provided and the art of parenting starts there!”
People lose youth, spontaneity, life, beauty, and above all creativity for money. It swallows quality and spits quantity!
After 3 months of free trial, Started my actual from April 2019!
"You can't make 5000 friends without having few enemies!"
"Excuses are the best part which needs to be excused in any serious conversations!"
"A problem without solution cannot be called as a problem!"
"Love isn't something when you have a BoyFriend or a GirlFriend. It is a super form trust when we feel with someone after weird & stupid acts!"
"Life is bliss with someone, where you can be completely free with: Spiritually, Socially, Sexually, Emotionally, Intellectually, Physically, and Cosmically, and go wild enough. . ."
"When you have all the power to destroy someone, but still you calm and move one is the sign of greatest maturity level!"
"My whole childhood was spent in improving my Handwriting, and now my life revolves around keyboards!"
"Only 3 types of people say the truth: Kids, Drunk and the Angry!"
"In India, the race is same! But women use household tasks as an excuse to fail. They keep staring their husbands and men when they perform!!!"
"Always snatch and eat one third of Chocolates or Ice Cream from your Children. This mentally prepares them to pay Income Tax when they grow up."
"A ball in my hand is cheaper than that of the ball in the hands of Sachin Tendulkar; Pen in my hand is mightier than that of yours any time!"
"Learn what you are passion about, not because the syllabus says! If still the syllabus says, you're in a wrong class!!"
"Secret of Success is whom You Marry / Stay Friends"
"When 100s and 1000s of people address you as 'BRO' and in continuation, when you address the only right deserving guy as such, there comes the stakeholdership!!!"
"Today, leaders role is shifting to Causing Decisions rather Taking Decisions. This shift is dangerous and not expected from a good leader!"
"I asked Alexa, "What does a woman want?" The damn thing didn't shut up for the past 3 days!!!"
"Everyone we meet knows something what we don't know. Respect and learn from them!"
"You cannot hurt anyone whom you don't love!!!"
"Good Health is more important than success, money or power! Live the life once healthy!"
"Always there is a difference between being Good Driver & Skilled Driver! The First Benchers turn Good and Last Benchers turn Skilled. The choice is always yours!!!"
"Don't care about the mistakes you make, it is nothing. It matters how you handle the committed mistake!"
"Money never multiplies inside the wallet by performing Sex, do investments in Education or Property or Gold or atleast Gamble!"
"The most powerful and wise time of a men is while sitting alone, be his Chamber or Car."
"Hacking isn't illegal when being cheated is legal!"
"Hackers don't break hearts, they break security!"
"Degrees won't sell you! You have to market and sell yourself in this competitive world!"
"The terms 'RFE' (Request for Evidence) will become the next magical word for International Students planning to study in the USA!"
"Ever since I stopped watching Indian TV Debates, my Skin became clear, my migraines vanished and a dimple has been created!"
"2061 Years and 165 Days ago, when 60+ men participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar, only 23 wounds were found. Even back then, not all the members of the project did their part!"
"Get suggestions, hint, allusion, intimation, implication, innuendo, insinuation, opinion, advice, recommendation, injunction, charge, instruction, submission, tender, reminder, approach, advance, bid, idea, proposition; but the DECISION must be yours!"
"There is a GOOD in GoodBye; OVER in Lover; LIE in Believe; HELL in Hello; IF in Wife; END in Friend! Something is embedded in everything. Understand that :-)"
"Diplomatic conversations are essentially like certain portions of the anatomy which always runs smooth when properly lubricated!"
"I am good in multitasking. I listen, ignore and forgot most of the conversations generally!!!"
"I grew up in a place where Women were glorified to an extent which wasn't measurable."
"Up-gradation is required in everyone's life. Here is the new form of creative upgrade among Zebra. It is missing RFID or ContactLess technology!!!"
"I am overwhelmed by all your wishes from East to West; Arabic to Vietnamese! Thanks everyone (3000+ posts, 3700+ LinkedIn Messages). Thanks :-)"
"Human Trafficking is a worst thing as it affects both mentally and physically."
"India is a tropical place well suited for Tigers, yet still poached"
"In countable years, BlockChain Cryptocurrency will be a official medium of Transactions & Banking like VISA and MasterCard"
"When I was born, there was a competition between India & China; In the past decades India was giving birth to human beings and China was giving birth to Technologies and Products. Now China is ↑ and India ↑ on Economic Index"
"People always oppose things at first and they forget it later inturn becomes the acceptance!"
"Don't do the same mistake what Adam and Eve did; decoding 'Don't go for an apple, go for microsoft."
"Your salary credited into your account is the bribe given by an Entrepreneur to stay away from your dreams!"
"I love Pagers when compared over Walky Talkies and MobilePhones; the ultimate reason is that You are expressing a Supremacy without listening to their Suggestions and Feedback"
"I never came across an unmarried guy's parents at these old-age homes!"
"Life is difficult for the Blind. Its not the physically challenged ones, but for the mentally challenged ones!"
"When people are leaving their family to network on a Friday which is a Public Holiday, their attitude defines their interest on their venture!"
"The empty chairs are your market to conquer, ignore the presence of the other people when you have a definite goal in Business!"
"Working from 10 to 5 will never make you as a LinkedIn influencer; move out of the comfort zone and face the charges against you!!!"
"Its quite funny to see when someone holding high in the office crossing the etiquette!"
""ANY" problems can be sorted out with a talk! But the problem is when either of them is fearful to meet the other."
"Life is just like a Pizza! It comes in a square box, yet it is round inside. When it nears my mouth, it is triangle!"
"Saddest thing about betrayal is that, it comes from the one whom we believe!"
"Taking Egg and Coffee without milk helps in reducing obesity is very interesting"
"The diplomacy is a piece of Chocolate Brownie with our favorite ice cream flavor on its top, handling that requires a lots of caution"
"When you 've gone completely nuts, yes you are doing something special and don't feel guilty about it"

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