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Characteristics of a Drunk / IP : 27nd November, 2018
Disclaimer: I am a non-drinker! Drinking alcohol with close ones is more important for the self-evaluation. Without addiction, a normal occasional drinking is perfectly fine. Even during those times, it is recommended for a perfect brand without adulteration. I thought of writing all my experiences of being with Drunk and Intoxicated and [...] |      
Bromance over Romance – Privileging the Bromance – A study & Examples : 18th November, 2018
Young men get more emotional satisfaction out of “bromances”—close, heterosexual friendships with other males—than they do out of romantic relationships with women, according to a small new study published in Men and Masculinities. This study along with a few examples in the reality exemplifies that men need more bromance than [...] |      
Women – A most respected Creature – Thoughts for Men : 07th November, 2018
“Sex is sweet but there is poison in between the legs” Most downfalls of men are caused by MULTIPLE girlfriends. Sex is a spiritual encounter I stand to be corrected, not every girl has a good spirit, some are a demon, some has poison in between their legs. Some are killers and destiny destroyers, be careful. Worst [...] |      
Graduation Day Commencement Speech @ Sri Lanka : 14th September, 2018
Reading Time: 4 Minutes 10 Seconds / Speech Time: 9 Minutes 4 Seconds Today, the day of your official transformation from Quantity to Quality carried away by this 9 grams of paper shielded in 140 grams of the holder is going to be a stronger date in your entire life. For most of them, it may be an end card, where for some it would be a [...] |      
Shouldering a Girl for Half-a-Journey to the United Kingdom : 22nd August, 2018
Every Journey in my life counts and my very recent Journey to the United Kingdom was really more impressive and soul-satisfying. Stop Judging me with the above statement. This is my 100th post and if you didn’t get me till now, a hard regret for your understanding ability. After a very long-time in-service, I happened to fly in Jet [...] |      
Adult friendships are more Responsible & Choosing them Wiser is more Important : 12th August, 2018
Have you ever wondered if you have very less number of friends in adulthood than your school or college days? Adult friendships are more responsible in nature and choosing them wisely is important according to me. Don’t have more than 10 in number. Than coining them as friends, they should be like your formed family. What a lot of [...] |      
Indian Friendship – Trust & Respect : 02nd August, 2018
More than a decade, the real fruit of acquiring a friend was missed in my life. In a friendship trust and respect are the only components, others are not even into the list. The blossoming period of life, the school thought me much in India but failed to teach me life lessons. And, being an Indian Kid, I had been constantly controlled, [...] |      
Keystones on Intimidating Personality : 16th July, 2018
People possessing this type of personality are absolute love for me! No matter blanketing their gender, there will a free hug from me 🙂 Transparent Enough: The one who is strong in the decision and ability to communicate it with the fullest level of transparency is a need for me. I have seen people getting behind me and speaking. I [...] |      
Nail Theory / Nail Therapy : 05th April, 2018
Thought of writing about the Nail Theory which indicates that require Nail Therapy immediately. We see our nails every day but we don’t care about them. This isn’t ignorance, instead, it is least priority scaling. With few illustrations (stolen from somewhere 😛), I thought of enlighting everyone. If you find any of these [...] |      
Average Indian Life : 23rd January, 2018
Indians Life are very interesting. Starting from pushing to choose friends to writing will, nothing happens on their own. Here is a compilation which says about the Average Indian Life. Just born, receives a slap on the butt. Injections and vaccinations. Rubs shit on the body, stinks. Sleeps between parents, ruins their sex life. Thrown [...] |      
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Visa on Arrival for Indians in 5 minutes : 22nd November, 2017
Indian passport holders with a valid American visa or a Green Card will now be eligible to obtain a UAE visa on arrival, as per the decree approved by the UAE Cabinet. The decision to have a simplified visa process is aimed at advancing the UAE-India relations in economic, politics, and trade. [...] |      
Pondicherry - Get Drunk with right Person : 04th July, 2017
Ah, the title maybe slightly grumpy, but it is quite a big reality. Pondicherry (Puducherry) is a Union Territory located near Chennai. Today even most of the kids when we say this name, it turns them magical to enjoy the peaceful, ambient and serene beach environment. Not only limited to this, Pondicherry was a French Colony and you [...] |      
New H1B Bill - USA Entry Game : 05th April, 2017
Recent days, I am quite engaged with various activities around the world and the time allocated is thinning day by day! The recent H1B Bill “High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017“ introduced in the house by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, have been blown out of proportion and creating confusion and anxiety in many current and [...] |      
Identification of being Emotionally Attached vs Love : 05th February, 2017
Love is one of those things that almost every person on this planet is searching for. Some may get it where most may not get it. And the most important is getting a true love or companionship has been distinct. Some of us want it so badly that we get swept up in the initial stages of romance, blinded by feelings of lust, affection, and [...] |      
3 Years of Policy Making & Strategy Execution Expertise comes to an end : 30th November, 2016
It has been more than 60 days from my last post, I was thinking to write about various things, but the transition from one position to another is always the complicated one as everyone is aware of. And that too imagine an execution level people transitioning in the Governmental or Non-Governmental is really such painful and a [...] |      
Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej a Wonderful Journey : 14th November, 2016
Some of you may have heard about the most tragic news in our lifetime for all Thai people, the death of our beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej who passed away yesterday at the age of 89 and during the 70th year of his reign. Then, you may notice that not only all your Thai friends have changed their FB profile pictures and covers all into [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 6/28 - Home Management : 12th September, 2016
Home Management is sometimes misunderstood that it’s the duty of women. But it is not actually. Here are few questions which needs to be asked before setting up the home or ensuring that your home is compatible enough for your future spouse. Did you have a paying job when you were in high school? Before high school? Do you believe [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 5/28 - Charity : 21st August, 2016
Charity is one of the most competent stuff where a couple needs to discuss for having a sustainable Financials throughout their lives. How important is it to you to contribute time or money to charity? Which kind of charities do you like to support? How much of your annual income do you donate to charity? Do you feel that it is the [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 4/28 - Pets : 30th June, 2016
Asking your spouse about the Pet Preference could be one of the eye-openers for an individual trying to converse. Yes, some are bit fearful, some hate them, some love them and even some try to get legal status for their pets in their family. Are you an animal lover? Do you believe a person should give up his or her pet if it interferes [...] |      
PM Narendra Modi speaks with Arnab Goswami : 27th June, 2016
Follows the transcript of PM Modi's Interview! ARNAB: Prime Minister Modi, thank you very much for this interview. Thank you very much. PM MODI: My greetings to all the people. ARNAB: This is your first one to one interview to a private news channel since you became Prime Minister. And if I am not mistaken, this is the first ever [...] |      
Kabali 320 kbps Songs : 13th June, 2016
Recent days I was hearing loads of information about the upcoming movie Kabali through my facebook feeds. I have a die hard fan from California, US who constantly posts his information. This induced me to listen to the music. I thought of sharing it with you all to enjoy. Keep listening. Download Kabali 320 KBPS Songs. DMCA Disclaimer : [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 3/28 - Appearances / Looks : 26th May, 2016
Always ageing is a factor which appears on the skin leaving a strong traces of love and affection which one possessed during the span. So, this is more important. Are there cosmetic procedures that you regularly undergo? Do you feel that you can have good chemistry with someone who is moderately physically attractive to you, or is a [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 2/28 - Appearances / Looks : 11th May, 2016
Here comes my Part 2 of the art of conversation with your future spouse. Some questions which would be highly interesting for them to answer are here as follows regarding to their friends and their network. Are your friendships as important to you as your life partner is? Do you have a best friend(s)? Do you have a difficult time setting [...] |      
Successful Journey for 760 in GMAT : 30th April, 2016
With the series of my thoughts in my previous series of Seasoning MBA Applications, I was stressing everyone to attempt for the GMAT instead of GRE if they are serious about the MBA. Some of the people turned back that question towards me if I had attempted for GMAT. Well, a good move. I took their question as an important brainstorming [...] |      
Conversation with future Spouse - Part 1/28 - Work Life : 24th April, 2016
The Art of Conversation with your upcoming spouse is one of the most highly regarded topics. Sometimes people like me are frightened to speak out to the upcoming partner. As well as you shouldn’t bore them too, here I thought of throwing the questions which one can use to find the opportunity to develop the conversation. WORK LIFE [...] |      
Seasoning MBA Application @ US - Part 4 - Employability and Finance Post MBA : 29th March, 2016
MBA is a life changing option, I learnt in the due course of time. Yes, entering into the part 4, the last part of my Admissions Race. I have now got admitted into a top B-School though I am not sure if I will accept that offer. It is a very big investment for a normal person from Asia or other developing countries where the average [...] |      
Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 3 - Evaluation : 06th March, 2016
My Part 2 of Seasoning MBA Applications begun with BIG THANKS and now my Part 3 of Seasoning MBA Applications beings with an Extra Large THANKS and apologies for the delay. This is a 4 part experience based information guide. The following are the 4 parts: Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 1 - Basics Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 2 - [...] |      
Seasoning MBA Application @ US - Part 2 - Expectations : 17th February, 2016
My first BIG THANKS for all the readers of my previous post and their emails. Your encouragement and support has made be to write the continuation post in this very short turn around time. This is a 4 part experience based information guide. The following are the 4 parts: Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 1 - Basics Seasoning MBA [...] |      
Seasoning MBA Application @ US - Part 1 - Basics : 17th February, 2016
Oh! Yes, this segment is completely a new topic when comparing all my previous posts. Planned to complete in 4 Parts. Will see. 😀 The following are the 4 parts: Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 1 - Basics Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 2 - What they need? Seasoning MBA Applications - Part 3 - How [...] |      
Gift Kit for eVisa Tourists to India : 08th January, 2016
The worst faced problem by any Foreigner visiting to India is the Communication. Getting a SIM card and the tedious activation process by the TRAI pulls back their interest in getting one. This is an interesting development, and probably a first for any country across the globe. Ministry of Tourism has planned this new initiative, that [...] |      
55 Things to Do before You Die : 14th November, 2015
The 55 things listed in a A–>Z format. Add a Lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris Adopt a rescue pet Attend a cop-raided party Bathe in Milk Break a Guinness World Record Climb a mountain Conquer a fear Disconnect for a week Donate Blood Donate your hair for cancer Drink Beer at Oktoberfest in Germany Eat something you wouldn’t [...] |      
Beer - Men's Anti-Stress Medicine : 23rd October, 2015
Smoking Causes Cancer and Drinking is injurious to Regular Health and Sexual Life I am back after almost a month’s time. There is no harm in the disclaimer statement above, because it has been clinically proved. I could smell people crazily guessing about my absence and this blog post. To clarify intensively, I am not a drunkard. [...] |      
Hong Kong - The round clock city to Enjoy : 15th September, 2015
After almost a month, I am back to write at these blogs. Hong Kong comes alive at night, abuzz with diners, revelers, theater goers and even market traders still out plying their wares. The nightlife scene is rightly legendary: there is something to do at every time of the day in this city that never sleeps. The nightlife options are too [...] |      
APJ Abdul Kalam - A tribute : 30th July, 2015
APJ Abdul Kalam (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam) was a man of simplicity without any political interference. Recently passed away carrying the minds and hearts of many people. The psychology says that when we lose a person in the life, no one can immediately react by crying or roll on the floor for missing them. It will surely take [...] |      
Japan - Expensive Punctual Lifestyle : 07th July, 2015
It is always a pleasure in exploring various countries and that too in an entertainment mode or mood. In that list, I wanted to explore the Japan. After making a steady plan, I made myself to visit Tokyo for few days draining Indian Economy and boosting the Japanese Economy. And I did it almost. Born and being brought-up in India is [...] |      
“You have a Baby Boy” - Touching Accident Incident : 26th May, 2015
Happening of accident in India has become too usual and common stuff. To coin in a different version, “It is as usual as charging a mobile phone”. But only when it happens in our family or our associate, the pain comes up bulged. After having a long trip to Thiruchengode, Coimbatore, Salem I was driving my car back to home [...] |      
The Art of buying a Beer in Pondicherry/Puducherry : 15th May, 2015
Oh! On reading the title please do never imagine that I will be drinking. I drink the most vulnerable than this which includes Sprite, 7UP, Coke and Pepsi. Yes, why the heck am praising myself? Come on! As most of you may be aware I am hailing from the locality where hard drinks are famous enough because of taxation system in India. [...] |      
Achievements - Post Professional #2015001 : 18th April, 2015
Some after reading the title would curse that it is highly Stupid because your logical sense says that when someone is Professional, that itself is an achievement. But yet there are few more stuffs which needs to be rendered and achieved in personal life. Yes, this post is one about such. Of years ago, I remember going to a Tamil [...] |      
People Expect Big Always : 11th April, 2015
The people in the world including me expect everything to happen in a BIGGER manner and beyond the expectations. Yet still, even after achieving it we aren’t happy. This is a clear defined psychological disorder in my perspective. In India, initially there was a guy who was drawing USD 100 a month; he expected to add a “0” at the last of [...] |      
Romantic Ride in TNSTC + 2 : 06th April, 2015
I could see your face glittering on reading this post title. Yes, I could surely say it as Romantic Ride on Sunday evening to my mother’s hometown without any protocol or stupids behind me. Wanted my car to be picked-up and unfortunately my driver was on leave and more interesting is that I was jobless. It is a very rare occasion [...] |      
Visit to Chennai Besant Nagar Beach - Offshore Onshore : 29th March, 2015
Bay of Bengal, known as the largest bay of the world forming a triangular shape touching the borders of India, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. I happened to meet it out yesterday after a long time in a casual move without any action plan for almost 30 minutes. When I was a kid in school my mom and dad use to take me to Beach located in [...] |      
Andreas Guenter Lubitz - The Slider of GermanWings : 28th March, 2015
The co-pilot responsible for the Germanwings plane crash was today named as Andreas Guenter Lubitz. The 28-year-old was from Montabaur, a town in the district seat of the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, according to a local flight club. Acquaintances said he was in his late 20s and showed no signs of depression when [...] |      
Germanwings - a StopStone in Aviation Industry : 27th March, 2015
The co-pilot blamed for deliberately crashing a passenger jet with 150 people on board into the Alps used post-9/11 safety mechanisms to carry out his plan. Andreas Guenter Lubitz, 28, waited for his captain, Patrick Sondenheimer to leave the flight deck and go to the toilet before commanding the Airbus A-320 to descend. Once out of the [...] |      
1 or 2 | 30 or 40 - Selection of Friends - Importance / Curse of Life : 25th March, 2015
Yes, seeing the heading I am sure that out of my 4000+ Friends in Facebook, few may unfriend me. That’s OK! Even I find it very difficult to remove them. Because judging amongst the best or 1st circle or 2nd circle or nth circle is difficult. In my Facebook before few minutes I saw 4199 friends into my list. Am happy about seeing [...] |      
Identification at Marriage - A Tamil Work : 21st March, 2015
திடீர்ன்னு ஒரு கல்யாணத்துக்குள்ள நுழைஞ்சிட்டோம்னா, பொண்ணு மாப்ளைய மட்டும் படக்குன்னு கண்டுபுடிச்சிடலாம். ஆனா, மத்த எல்லாரையும் யார் யாருன்னு அவங்க செய்கைகள வச்சே எப்படி கண்டுபுடிக்கிறதுங்குறதத்தான் இப்போ பாக்கப் போறோம். 1. கல்யாண மேடையில, ஃபுல் மேக்கப்புல பாத்த உடனே பளிச்சின்னு தெரியிறது பொண்ணுதான். ஆனா அந்தப் பொண்ண விட அதிகமா மேக்கப் [...] |      
ASDF HQ Announced New Office Bearers for SEA Region : 19th March, 2015
Don't Beg for Appraisal - Corporate Ethics : 16th March, 2015
I have saw many IT Pro and others working in Large Corporate, specifically Information Technology fighting with their Managers / Head / HR for appraisal, on-site and others. Yes, that is good to know that you have a good fighting ability. You cannot expect Ruthlessness, callousness and arrogance at any point of time from your superiors. [...] |      
ESC Key Not Functional in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 : 11th March, 2015
If you’re a keyboard geek and you use Photoshop, you’ve likely been annoyed that the escape key doesn’t work in other applications while Photoshop is running. It’s one of those tiny things that can drive you insane, so The Geek hacked together a solution for you. You could always press Shift+esc to get the traditional escape key [...] |      
Indian Budget 2015 - 16 : 04th March, 2015
Budget 2015 Highlights Today (28th February, 2015) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented Union Budget, the highlights are: Taxation: ● Abolition of Wealth Tax. ● Additional 2% surcharge for the super rich with income of over Rs. 1 crore. ● Rate of corporate tax to be reduced to 25% over next four years. ●Total exemption of up to Rs. [...] |      
Two Wheeler the Curse to Indian Drivers : 22nd February, 2015
Always the most worst people (than me) are in the Indian Roads who drive their two wheeler. OMG! If you are driving a four wheeler or a bus in GST (Grand Southern Road), South India, India you will be completely pissed off and will avoid driving in the roads. Such terrible and dangerous guys, they are always. They quote that they pay the [...] |      
Chennai City Traffic Cop won me by Getting INR 10 as bribe : 22nd December, 2014
On last Saturday, I was quite busy with some official work at Chennai and suddenly got the email from ICICI Bank offering me some coupon to watch movie in Chennai. So immediately went online and booked a movie at Phoenix Market City. Since I was at Madhya Kailash, took a left crossing Raj Bhavan to reach Phoenix mall. While coming around [...] |      
Crush with Air-Hostess : 30th November, 2014
This is a very common feel which will be experienced by each and every first time airline flyer. The person who says “Welcome, can I help you?” is a very big crush which they feel in their lifetime. Yes, today I happened to watch Bangalore Days with my colleagues. As similiar to Nivin Pauly, even I have experienced the same [...] |      
Bangkok - How I got arrested and released in minutes? : 23rd October, 2014
Bangkok, the divine place for the bachelors and even some of the married persons. I frequently visit the place for various purposes like my office and transit to other countries. Even-though people sometimes who aren’t aware of my position initially think with a glitch about my frequent visit to Bangkok, later realize how important [...] |      
Tiger's Prey at New Delhi! How would it have been for tasting Human Blood? : 26th September, 2014
“I wont take care of Myself,Government should take care of me” Lets look into Delhi Zoo Incident.. 1. White Tiger enclosure has three layer Protection . 2. First Understand the basics of Safety.Safety measures are taken to avoid Accidents not deliberate Incidents. 3. Tiger didn’t invade the Victim’s [...] |      
MOPSOTHCRDRCARD - Credit Card #India #MHA #Passport : 21st September, 2014
MOPSOTHCRDRCARD - Did you see this in your Credit Card or Debit Card or Net Banking statement? Puzzled about it? It is nothing else the either your Passport or VISA Charge for India. Also apart from this, this is also used by the Tourism Department of Government of India.[...] |      
“I am a Tax-Payer” #ProudIndian #areyou : 21st September, 2014
When we say that I am a Tax-Payer, it makes all of us to feel proud about the situation and the place where we stay about because of the defaulters list as per the Income Tax department is growing everyday relatively as the total number of accounts (savings, current, etc) are growing. Now the Prime Minister of India has initiated a new [...] |      
THUMBS.DB in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Deletion Error : 10th September, 2014
In windows 8 and 8.1 the option to create a thumbs.db file is on by default . This can be a problem when you try to delete those media folders that you no longer need. Windows won’t let you delete the thumbs.db file and you will end up with a lot of empty folders that you can’t remove. First you want to deactivate the thumbs.db from [...] |      
Best Face-palm Expression : 09th September, 2014
After reading this post, do never trust me that I am person exhibiting the Karma! Since ever my school days, there used to be a jealous among my peer classmates, schoolmates, college mates and colleagues. Though I couldn’t say it right from where this begun, but to my understanding it could be the early higher secondary. As I never [...] |      
Indeterminable Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - Part 2 of 2 : 01st September, 2014
In the continuation to the previous post portraying the ill effects of the Reserve Bank of India, here flows the second and final post. Already got many calls from top notch people for writing about RBI and will ensure that there are no bad remarks. Over 5 ATM Transactions Chargeable You would have heard this statements if you live in [...] |      
Indeterminable Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - Part 1 of 2 : 01st September, 2014
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is Indi's Central Banking Institution, which controls the Monetary Policy of the Indian Rupee and other banks operating within India. Sometimes, RBI is well known for its stupidest decisions. Last December (2013), under the heading of the new Governor, there was a decision for increase in security [...] |      
What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P3 : 10th August, 2014
In the continuation to my older posts : P1, P2 The mentality of each and every parent is that their ward needs to earn a minimum of 500 USD every month post their education. But there are many factors which the parents fail to understand. All the education will not give such salary in India. Before that its the student's and [...] |      
HFFD & HPFD - Friendship Days Classification : 03rd August, 2014
Yesterday August 3, 2014 many of my fellows sent across a text saying “Happy Friendship Day” through Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. I love seeing their messages as it could be a some script or CPW (Copy Paste Work), it is reciprocated. The deadly question is that the without meaning, why the hell people are sending scraps. [...] |      
How PayPal swindled my entire wallet? : 29th July, 2014
Almost 90% of the internet users are well aware about the PayPal and 100% of the International Business men are highly aware about the PayPal. But only a very few are aware about the action rendered by PayPal during the settlement. These many days, my office team use to manage the Finance and operations, for an event I was mapped for the [...] |      
Status of a MBA in India : 27th July, 2014
It is highly painful when someone educated stand in the road-side and keep begging. Very similar to that today morning I saw a case and am highly worried how the University encourages these types of activities. After a long time, I was little bit free today sitting in the 3rd Floor leisurely. My dogs were barking strongly, so I happened [...] |      
Employee Relationship : 25th July, 2014
From the day 1 of my establishment, I have never treated an employee as an employee. This is one of the most weak segment where I have lost. I trust highly that a good employee relationship is more important for an effective administration. Understanding them and providing them a space is empirically important because “THEY ARE [...] |      
How Air-India escaped from a major accident? : 22nd July, 2014
On Sunday evening 13th July 2014, the Air India's flight AI-144, a B-777, was ready for a routine flight from Newark to Mumbai with 300 passengers and 15 crew. The weather in New Jersey was heavy passing showers here and there. It was a routine departure at about 5 pm (local time) for a long 15-16 hrs flight to Bombay nee Mumbai. [...] |      
Lonely Business Man @ Bangkok : 21st July, 2014
I had an appointment with a Business Tycoon at Bangkok this day morning. He had invited me to the tennis court as he would be occupied in playing tennis in the morning hours. So, I scheduled my calendar accordingly and went to meet him. To my surprise, I realized that he was playing alone in the court and on the opposite side there were [...] |      
What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P2 : 06th July, 2014
With the continuation to my post on July 1, 2014; The second things which the students fail to extract from their college atmosphere is “Understanding Girls”, yes this segment is very weak and feeble in India. Indian male students think they are of higher supremacy than the Girls. They always think that the girls are supposed [...] |      
What Indian Colleges failed to teach Students? P1 : 01st July, 2014
This topic is the need for the hour. I happened to visit many institutes within India and out of India. The only difference is that the Indian institutes pressurize only on the Theory and never touches the Practical or Life Sciences. The have a focus on the academic segment alone and never go for the life science, which is most important [...] |      
Moments when Male Become Shy : 30th June, 2014
There are many occurrences when a male becomes or feels shy! Yes, every male has this within him, but other than the most special ones cannot visualize or feel the difference. Now, there are few instances when a male could feel this off. When you invite your friend for a baby naming ceremony, your friend greets you saying “Wow! You [...] |      
Becoming a Billionaire : 24th June, 2014
Hi, Am writing after a long time here. The reason for not being here was, “I was a Billionaire”. The word of being Millionaire or Billionaire is highly a fantasy for many people and even am into that list. Though I have a world which makes me into that category, but I firmly believe that the Organization's money is not [...] |      
HDFC Loans - Approval : 15th June, 2014
It will be highly funny as well as crucial when a loan application is being rejected or approved. I thought of sharing a small incident which happened before the application was being approved. I was under the category of SALARIED. I recently got my Form 16. The loan process was too simple and got it done within few Hours. Though my [...] |      
Losing the earphones - A worst Habit : 10th June, 2014
Yes, I coin losing the earphones as a very bad habit which I posses. I use to listen to music whenever time permits. But I never ensure that I restore the earphones in the bag or jacket because of work or some other interests ( 😛 ). Every alternate month, I spend around INR 450 for this earphones. But there is no satisfaction in few [...] |      
Losing a Business : 01st June, 2014
Losing future business is very simple these days. Just deliver without quality, you can lose it. But recently I had a study/learning about losing a business by being adamant. Yes, I was in a good contact with an organization since 2009. That was of an win-win opportunity for both of us. In 2010, we have generated them a revenue of around [...] |      
14th or 15th Prime Minister Narendra Modi? : 29th May, 2014
Recently Shri. Narendra Modi has got into the power of Prime Minister of India. With a sugary swearing-in ceremony happened on 26th May, 2014 there was a huge doubt for the media people and that directed the people to think wrong about the calculation. Yes, some media quoted that Shri. Narendra Modi was 14th Prime Minister where few [...] |      
Shaving @ Rs. 10,000 : 27th May, 2014
On seeing the title you would have multiple thoughts, well am sure. Yes, this happened today just before few hours. I went to State Bank of India ATM to withdraw Rs. 100 (approx 1.8 USD). I was on an important call when I was crossing the SBI ATM. So stopped there and gave a break for that conference call with MUTE option. But even then [...] |      
Choosing the Best Car : 25th May, 2014
We generally have a doubt about choosing the car fuel type. Yes, Petrol cars are quite cheap than LPG and Diesel. As well as the maintenance is cheaper in Petrol cars. Types of Cars Diesel Petrol LPG Classification of Cars Sedan Hatch-backs SUVs First, decide the type of fuel. If you use around some 10,000 kms a year, it is better to go [...] |      
Getting complimentary Tickets (Kochadaiyaan) : 23rd May, 2014
Always while on the office, I use to sleep if it is early or too late. Something happened to me today. They stopped me near Mayajaal and few group of people saw my car with torch lights. They asked my driver to step-out. I thought it could be some robbery and was happy that there was nothing in my car except Rs. 72 in my wallet. They got [...] |      
Mobile on Drive : 22nd May, 2014
I was over phone in an important call while crossing Saidapet signal at approx 2 PM. I could know what you connect between the title and the first line. No, I wasn't driving the car, it was my driver who was driving the car. I saw a girl around 23, probably working in some IT sector. She was wearing a grey color dress and was [...] |      
Sudden Mosquitoes in my Chamber : 19th May, 2014
Almost for a year there was no mosquitoes in my chamber. I had the All-Out Liquidator and threw it out few days ago since there was no mosquitoes in my Chamber. All of a sudden today evening there was 2 mosquitoes in my chamber. I reacted highly like a TV Commercial Advertisement mom on seeing them. Though I understood my stupidity, [...] |      
Lunch @ Taj Falaknuma Palace : 18th May, 2014
After some tiring business deals and events myself and my mom seriously wanted to rejuvenate ourselves. So, decided to have a small lunch at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Yeah, I have heard that it is slightly expensive. But I thought of moving for a short break. I wanted to book a table, so searched for the number via JustDial and [...] |      
Prime Minister - N Modi : 16th May, 2014
Now, the election results are available for the people. The 21st Prime Minister of India N Modi is going to sit in that most prestigious chair. A warm Welcome! [...] |      
Cheap Researchers are from Korea, China, India, Peru, and Iran : 13th May, 2014
Yes, you may be surprised on hearing the title. It's highly true. Of almost 70 out of 100 research articles submitted by Researchers from Korea, China, India, Peru and Iran have been likely gets rejected because of a term called plagiarism. It is not the wrong at the part of Scholars, but the error on the supervisor who coin [...] |      
Indians are always Indians : 12th May, 2014
Yes, when I posted this title in my personal Facebook Timeline, I got some condemns as well as something which was negative. Again this is a mentality of Indians, they (including me) never accept if it is a wrong on their part. We feel as if it was asked to speak about sex in public and avoid the further litigation. A guy around 40 was [...] |      
Successful Vs Unsuccessful - A Race View : 08th May, 2014
There is a race between being successful and unsuccessful in each and every activity. There are few people like me (over-boosted) to quote that they followed Unsuccessful career and got a successful life. In the following image, almost 95% it satisfies the criteria for me. But to note, I am bit successful and still striving to be [...] |      
Qualities of a True/Best Friend : 06th May, 2014
Everything has an option and description. Yes, in the same way True or Best friend may and shall posses some of the qualities. It may change from case to case but the standard description. I didn%t have any Female Friends or Girl Friends in my life and wish I never have it until my marriage. After marriage may be my spouse to be [...] |      
Broken Friendship Signs : 05th May, 2014
Yes, I have (had) few friends of my age. I am very sure that in the past I had no opportunity or friendship with girls. This doesn't mean I am gay or something, instead had no time as well as platform. Always had been in a greater cream which made me non-sync with girls. I didn't move well even with my class-mate guys, I do [...] |      
Element 117 in Periodic Table Confirmed : 03rd May, 2014
This was one my favorite during my 10th Standard. Use to memorize the entire stuff from T2B. Later it got diminished as the years passed by. I could still recollect how we wasted the salts, strong acids, weak acids in the Chemistry Lab without the knowledge of the Lab Assistants. The periodic table has been extended, with the [...] |      
Employees are always Employees : 02nd May, 2014
Employees are always Employees, yes they are always what they are. We had a well performing employee in our Bangkok. He was a pure Iyer (Brahmin) guy aged around some 25. Desperately I was younger than him when I met him. I was tucked OFF and mostly it is difficult to identify me other than the 1st and 2nd circle of my colleagues since I [...] |      
Pochampalli Market - Entour to Hogenakkal - A Biggest Crime : 29th April, 2014
Pochampalli Market is one of the most common names I have heard when I argued with my friends about the prices of the Koyambedu Market which is in Chennai. But it was a good one to bargain. It is one of the overcrowded market during Bakrid for the Goats. During conventional days, they use to sell the vegetables. Sarees are most famous [...] |      
My Publications Tracks - 2014 - Kokula Krishna Hari K : 28th April, 2014
I generally don't like sharing my publications. Am not sure about why this attitude has developed within me. It may be because, during my Ph. D. I literally use to beg people for Joint Publication, Share their previous articles, Get access for Premier Proceedings and so on. But I was successful only around 5% - 6% of my total [...] |      
Cockroach Theory of Self Development : 26th April, 2014
Recent Days, I was hearing a lot about the Cockroach Theory in many sessions wherever I go for Stress Handling and Scope handling. Follows the Cockroach Theory for your information. At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling [...] |      
Diplomatic Personality - Simple Steps for Dummies : 25th April, 2014
Stand your ground. Being diplomatic means standing up for yourself, so do it. Be firm in your responses and opinions and stand by them. Focus on the facts of the situation. Take a moment to step back and evaluate the situation objectively and assess the factual information before you without including your emotions. Think before you act. [...] |      
Pros and Cons of Underwear - Go Commando : 25th April, 2014
Go Commando My entire overseas team was with me yesterday as they came to India for the purpose of casting their vote. We all had a great Dinner at KFC. With the segment from our Group CEO's friend came from one of the top most Hospital of Chennai and we were discussing about some and the talk went to LGBT, XXX and so on. At the [...] |      
My Astrology Benefits - Software Designed by JC Group of Techno Forum Germany : 21st April, 2014
Our Germany Team has designed the Software by having a internal entrepreneurship aspirants. They have formed a JC Group. Even I was shocked on seeing the name JC, later during my visit I asked for the meaning or atleast the expansion of JC Group. They revealed it as “JOBLESS CREATURES”. But the interface they designed is [...] |      
Planning for Tunisia Visa : 20th April, 2014
I got an invitation from one of my friend MSB from Tunisia inviting me for his conference which is happening there between May 3 - May 6, 2014. Actually it was a long time plan to visit Tunisia since March 2013. So, I saw my calendar and found that there were only few meeting of not higher importance. I gave a reschedule for all [...] |      
Matching Dress for a Photograph : 20th April, 2014
Yes, the above title may or may not be apt for the content. I was involved in a heavy travel for some official work. We started working from morning 4 AM on 19th April, 2014. I was heading towards until Coimbatore and was bound to be back on the same day. While returning it was almost 5 PM crossing the most pinged Toll Plaza of [...] |      
Bengaluru / Bangalore - Quick Facts : 18th April, 2014
1. Bangalore was the first city in India to receive electricity. 2. Bangalore University has highest number of students going Abroad for higher studies taking the first place from IIT-Kanpur. 3. Bangalore has only 41% of local population(i.e.Kannadigas). 4. Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 21% Tamilians, 15% Telugites, 11% [...] |      
Danger call From Wife : 18th April, 2014
I was searching for a good SMS tune for my newly bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I got this alert from the system. 😐 [soundcloud url=””] |      
ICICI Bank Complaint Resolving 2 : 17th April, 2014
My week was completely flushing with many works and wasn't able to provide an appointment to the Branch Manager who was thoroughly following me and my Personal Secretary (India). And finally, I was in my residence for some work and got the call from Branch Manager. So, I rested back and gave a schedule. He came along with another [...] |      
ICICI Bank Complaint Resolving 1 : 16th April, 2014
We would have read tons and tons of email and other blogs quoting that ICICI Charges us heavily and so on. Even I have read few of them before I opened the account way back in 2008. Even my mom had the same type of experience when they had the minimum balance requirement as Rs. 5000 for regular savings account. When I was transformed [...] |      
Yes Bank Account Opening : 11th April, 2014
Hi, I was eagerly waiting for the YES Bank to come and step into Pondicherry for almost a year. The benefit on a macro level is that, they offer 7% interest on your idle money in the bank is never offered by any Bank in India. 6% is being offered by IndusInd and Kotak Mahindra known to me. But always 1% matters for few lakhs. I walked [...] |      
Family - MAN : 10th April, 2014
The above title is published to explain the ultimate moment of an individual being as a FAMILY MAN. Around 20, a small guy (when compared to my age) was driving a cab for me from Hyderabad to Warangal. His cab wasn't having the Music Players. I got bored and started chatting with him. He was saying about his transition and his love [...] |      
“ESC” Key in Windows 8 - Issue Resolved : 06th April, 2014
Many would have googled for the possible issues regarding to the same. Even, I spent few hours together on to this idiotic stuff. Not only hours, but also few bucks in buying new keyboards after reading some mis-guiding blogs. It suggested me to buy the new MICROSOFT Keyboard to resolve this. Finally, I learnt that this is not the issue. [...] |      
Walk-through to Bengaluru : 05th April, 2014
With almost a week's tiresome works and busy schedules, I am driving to Bengaluru to meet my friend's son who is just 5 years old. Yes, meeting him would be the best way to rejoice. Though I cannot stay more than 7 hours there, I will surely have my breakfast and lunch there. The most desperate one is that the travel hours is [...] |